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$83 Or It's FREE Drain Clearing

Includes: Drain Cleaning – Video Camera Line Inspection – 5-Year Limited Warranty

$83 Or It’s FREE Includes:

Drain Clearing (or it’s FREE)

Experiencing a clogged drain? McVay Plumbing Heating and Cooling’s “$83 Or it’s FREE” service package offers a drain-clearing service along with a complimentary camera inspection conducted by one of our licensed drain specialists.

Should we be unable to successfully clear your drain or line using the standard method included in this offer, you won’t be charged! In the event of an unsuccessful drain clearing and the waiver of the $83 fee, our licensed drain expert will provide recommendations for any further required actions and will proceed only with your approval.

Video Camera Line Inspection *

The most effective way to ensure the optimal functioning of your drain pipes is to engage the services of our skilled plumbers at McVay Plumbing Heating and Cooling for our unique professional video camera line inspection.

Our team possesses the necessary expertise and equipment to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your pipes and provide viable solutions.

We retain the real-time video footage and promptly deliver it to your email for your future reference. Our camera incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a sonar device on the camera head, which enables real-time analysis. This allows our McVay Plumbing Heating and Cooling experts to accurately diagnose any issues that may be identified.

5-Year Limited Warranty **

If your sewer line becomes blocked in the same location we previously cleared within a five (5) year period from our initial service, you have the privilege of receiving one (1) additional visit from one of our drain specialists to attempt unclogging it at absolutely no expense to you.

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Important Details:

  • *The presence of the homeowner is required during the service to review camera footage.

  • **Please note that the warranty becomes void if roots are detected. Additionally, if recommended repairs are not completed on damaged lines, or if non-flushable items (e.g., grease, feminine products, wipes, paper towels, toys, etc.) are determined to be the cause of the blockage, the warranty will not be applicable.

  • The property must have approved and easily accessible cleanouts. If excavation is necessary to access the sewer line, or if toilet removal and reset, as well as rooftop access, are required, extra charges may apply.

  • This $83 offer is exclusively valid for single-family residences and light commercial properties not connected to septic systems.

  •  Should any issues be uncovered during the camera inspection, our licensed McVay Plumbing Heating and Cooling technician will provide estimates for sewer repair or replacement at no additional cost. In the event of necessary repairs, you may also be eligible for special financing offers, subject to credit approval.

  • Please be aware that the customer is responsible for the service call fee.

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