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Is Every Room in Your House Comfortable?

Many homes have that one room – or maybe it’s several – that always seems to be the coldest in the winter and the hottest in the summer. Do different areas of your home seem to have a climate all their own? It can be frustrating enough to dress in layers for those days when the temperature varies throughout the day. You shouldn’t have to do that in the comfort of your own home, and a multi-zone HVAC system can help.  

Indoor variations in temperature don’t just affect your comfort level – they can hit your wallet, too. If your system is ineffectively heating or cooling your home, it’s going to drive up your energy bills. You may think it’s something you can’t control because the situation is simply created by the age or design of your home or the way it’s positioned relative to the afternoon sun. Certainly, you will want to first make sure the problem isn’t something caused by the lack of insulation, drafts from air leakage, or inefficient windows. But when you have exhausted all of those solutions, there are still additional options for energy savings and creating consistent comfort in all areas of your home! 

Arendosh Heating and Cooling can help you learn how to achieve both energy efficiency and comfort at the same time with a multi-zone HVAC system. These systems are a great solution for Western Pennsylvania, where the seasons change and most of us rely both on air conditioning and heating. And you’ll likely be surprised at how affordable it can be to get the ideal air in your home. Plus, when you upgrade to a more efficient system, there are often rebates you can obtain from your local utility company, and we can point you in the right direction for learning how!

Another fabulous perk of a multi-zone system is that, in addition to eliminating the hot and cold spots, you can use it to tailor zones in your home to the different comfort preferences your family members may have. If you live with one of those people who is “always” too hot or too cold, a multi-zone HVAC system is the perfect solution!

Multi-Zone HVAC System – For Efficiency and Comfort

A multi-zone HVAC system allows you to divvy up your home into separate areas and customize the air temperature in each. Therefore, every room can maintain an environment tailored to the needs of your family and its routine. Many families divide their homes into two zones, typically upstairs and downstairs, but the systems can be set up with multiple zones or even allow each individual room to be its own zone. 

Systems like the iHarmony® Zoning System from Lennox offer room-to-room temperature control, allowing you to redirect air flow to specific areas of your home. That is, you send the heated or cooled air exactly where you want it, when you want it. 

What’s more, you can remotely adjust the temperature of any zone straight from an app on your smartphone. When you are headed home from work on a bitter winter evening, you can guarantee you’ll walk into a cozy house at the end of the day!

Zone controls within these systems operate dampers within the ductwork of your central air system, which regulate how much air can pass through the ducts to each of the different zones. The dampers are installed in accessible areas of the trunk, branches, or boot of the ductwork. 

These controls allow you to match your heating and cooling to your routines and lifestyle by placing each zone on its own, individual schedule. Instead of having just one thermostat regulating the air flow to your entire home, multi-zone systems continuously monitor the temperature in each zone and respond by opening or closing the dampers accordingly – to match the comfort settings you specify, zone by zone. Every room is precisely regulated to your family members’ customized settings. 

Multi-Zone HVAC System – For Reducing Energy Use

Multi-zone HVAC systems, which are ideal for heating rooms that always seem to be cold or cooling those that are consistently hot, maximize home comfort and minimize wasted energy. Zoning can yield energy savings of up to 35% when a multi-zone system is used with a programmable thermostat, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Multi-Zone HVAC System – for Better Air Quality 

With an ordinary HVAC system, all the air circulates through the system to the entire house, which means allergens such as dust, pet dander, and pollen circulate everywhere. A multi-zone system can prevent these allergens from spreading throughout the entire house. For example, if pets are limited to certain rooms or zones, the other rooms and zones can remain pet dander-free. If someone in your house has allergies or asthma, a multi-zone HVAC system is the perfect heating and cooling solution. 

A Multi-Zone HVAC System is the Ultimate Solution for Comfort and Efficiency

With a multi-zone HVAC system, family members will be comfortable and happy – including the person who pays the utility bills. Plus, it’s the ideal heating and cooling solution if you also have: 

  • Rooms you don’t often use
  • Finished attic
  • Finished basement
  • Uneven home temperatures
  • Rooms that could need more air flow because they feel stuffy
  • High ceilings
  • Large windows or many of them
  • Glass-enclosed patios
  • An addition to your house built after your heating and cooling system was installed
  • A home office with electronic equipment that puts off heat

Make the Smart Choice for the Comfort and Savings You Deserve

Don’t settle for varying home temperatures or an inefficient HVAC system! Give us a call and learn more about adding zoning to your home.

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