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Plumbing Checklist for Holiday Prep

The holiday season is meant to be a peaceful, joyful, and merry time of year. However, when loved ones gather at your home, dump food down your kitchen sink drain, and use your bathroom, unexpected plumbing problems can pop up.

Do you want to avoid a plumbing-related headache during the holidays? The good news is that you can prepare! Consider using this plumbing checklist for holiday prep:

1. Check Your Plumbing Fixtures

It’s no secret that your home is chock-full of various fixtures, appliances, and systems. As such, one of our top holiday plumbing tips is to inspect these parts of your plumbing system to ensure they’re working properly.

For example, you should flush your toilets, checking for a potentially leaking flapper or a leak within the bowl. When the guests in your home go to use the bathroom, you don’t want them to encounter a toilet problem that could have easily been avoided!

You’ll also want to make sure that your faucets and showerheads are working correctly. After all, hot water is essential during the colder winter months — and you don’t want to leave your visitors shivering.

2. Inspect Your Home for Leaks

Some leaks are easy to spot, such as those that leave a large puddle beneath our kitchen sinks. However, some leaks are less obvious than others, leading to significant water damage, costly repairs, and high water bills.

When following our plumbing checklist for holiday prep, don’t overlook the importance of checking for leaks. Leaks can manifest at the base of your washing machine, in the pipes behind your walls, inside your water heater tank, among water valves, and more.

If you think you’re dealing with a leak inside your home, you’ll first want to shut off the water supply. Of course, you can shut off the main water valve, but you might also want to consider turning off the valves connected to your faucets, systems, and appliances.

3. Stow Away Outdoor Hoses

Many holiday plumbing tips involve the plumbing inside your home, but you should also consider the plumbing problems that can appear in your backyard. Believe it or not, the water left inside your garden hoses can potentially freeze and burst, causing serious damage during the winter months. 

What should you do to avoid this problem? Quite simply, you’ll want to properly remove and store your garden hoses. When you disconnect the hose from the faucet, you should let any remaining water drain out.

4. Stock up on Bathroom Essentials

Although you might think that stocking up on bathroom essentials is a given, we’ve made a point of including it on our plumbing checklist for holiday prep. After all, you don’t want one of your guests encountering a toilet paper-related conundrum while the rest of your family is gathered around the kitchen table or relaxing by the fire.

You should ensure your bathroom is well-stocked with toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and a plunger — just to name a few necessities.

5. Maintain and Clean Your Drains

When you think of the holidays, you probably think of beautiful lights, heartfelt gifts, time well spent with loved ones, and of course — good food. Since some of the food might find its way into your kitchen sink during your next holiday gathering, you’ll want to make sure your drain is ready for whatever comes its way.

One of our top holiday plumbing tips is to properly maintain and clean your drain well before your visitors arrive. You can create a homemade drain cleaner to remove any smaller clogs or potential food buildup. If you have a garbage disposal, you can grind up ice cubes, salt, and lemon peels to dislodge food particles from the blades and remove foul smells. It’s also a good idea to install drain strainers in your kitchen and bathroom to prevent hair, food debris, and other particles from causing an unwanted mess.

Are you currently dealing with a clogged drain and seem to be having trouble removing it yourself? You’ll want to consider scheduling a professional drain cleaning service. During a drain cleaning, your local plumber will use highly-advanced techniques to remove the blockage, so you can rest assured that your drains will be ready for your guests.

Avoid a Holiday Plumbing Emergency!

There you have it; we’ve discussed our plumbing checklist for holiday preparations! During this time of year, large holiday meals, frequent showers, and constant trips to the bathroom can take a toll on your plumbing system. If you encounter a problem, don’t hesitate to call the experts at McVay. We offer everything you need to enjoy a stress-free holiday, from professional drain cleanings to sewer repair in Pittsburgh.

Although our holiday plumbing tips can help prevent a costly issue during the festive season, unexpected issues can still appear when you least expect them to. Fortunately, our team of expert plumbers and sewer lining contractors can provide assistance when you need it most.

Stop worrying about a potential plumbing disaster and get back to enjoying the holiday season. Contact us today to schedule a plumbing service!

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